Monday, July 4, 2011

A Dateless Date Night

happy birthday, ozzy!
Summer with no baeu can be frustrating. Couples seem to be out and about everywhere you go, but I don't think that should prevent you from doing the same sorts of couple things. I haven't noticed much of that this summer because I've been keeping myself busy with summer classes, but last night I thought of how nice it would be to have someone to share it with, probably because I was with my best friend Athena and her boyfriend Carl, and Ozzy and her boyfriend, Kosta.

To celebrate Ozzy's birthday, who is Athena's older sister, we found a little park to hold the celebration in the Ypsilanti area. The weather was perfect, and she even brought along her and her boyfriends adorable pup. I had made Ozzy a nice handwritten card and typed it up on my typewriter, and bought her a bottle of Moscato, my favorite summer wine! After enjoying lot's of food and a cake, we decided to head to downtown Ann Arbor for a free outdoor movie showing of Megamind. I'm typically hesitant when it comes to watching cartoon movies, but they usually turn out to be better than I originally expected.

Prior to the movie starting, Athena, Carl and I walked around the downtown area, shared lots of random stories and picked up Bubble Tea from Bubble Island, (one of my favorite spots to grab a non-alcoholic drink in Ann Arbor). There were a countless number of couples scattered about the lawn sharing large blankets and each others company once we got back. Even though I didn't have that, I still had such a great time with everyone.

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