Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Small Summer Roadtrip

My best friend Athena and I took a small road trip to Mishawaka, IN this weekend. She had to go to take her GRE exam (which she did very well on, by the way!), and I thought that it might be fun to tag along. We left Friday afternoon and came back this morning. We hadn't planned anything specific, or looked into the area much, so we weren't quite sure what to expect. Even though neither of us had ever been to Indiana before, we were under the impression that it would be sort of boring, and that there wouldn't be much to do or see. Though we quickly realized that that wasn't the case.

As usual, I was so upset I didn't bring my camera! I suppose I'll use that as an excuse to go back before summer ends. We found out that Athena's friend Josh actually lived right in town, and he ended up being our tour guide for the trip. The three of us ended up having a really great time overall.

Friday night began with a delicious sushi dinner at a restaurant called Toyo Sushi. Afterwards, Josh drove us to the beaches around St. Joseph, MI, which was such a beautiful area. We walked around for a while, then made our way to a small downtown area. Such a quaint little area it was, almost as if we'd been transported to the olden days, the kind of place you'd see in those old hollywood movies. After ordering large cones of ice cream, we took strolled down the cobblestone street to checkout the neat little shops and artsy touches around town.

I was pretty bummed that neither Athena nor I brought our cameras, but luckily Josh snapped a few photographs for us. I absolutely loved that first one posted above, it really captures the scene so perfectly. I'm glad I had the chance to take in all that mid-west charm I'd never been fully aware of.
(photo credit @  Josh)

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