Monday, July 25, 2011

A Summer Crush

A crush has that way of making you feel like you're walking on clouds. You tend to look a bit idiotic once you realize you can't wipe the smile off your face. An act as small as holding hands, and the anticipation of the first kiss are so exciting. Priorities seem to shift as you bump this person closer to the top of your list. And the butterflies? No matter how long it's been since you've felt them fluttering about your insides, it's always just as exciting as the first time. Even if you know it might turn out to only be a summer fling and that things may eventually snap back to normal once the summer sun sets, for right now being in that summer dream with your crush is enough.

Why? I wondered the same thing. Sometimes on my off time I like to delve a bit deeper into the meaning behind certain curiosities, and today that curiosity is crushes. What makes a crush a crush? What's the meaning behind the word, and what's going on in our insides for real? The technical term, limerence, was coined by psychologist Dorthy Tennov in 1977. After doing a bit of research on the topic of love, I found this book by Tennov entitled Love & Limerence: The Experience Of Being In Love.

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(photo credit: missgeorgialeighle love, weheartit)

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