Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Grocery List

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If you don’t already know this, I’m a vegetarian (well, pescatarian.) I do try to eat healthier types of foods for the most part, and also try to stay away from eating too much gluten since I have a wheat intolerance. Anyway, here are a handful of items on my grocery list:

1. Simpley Orange Juice- High Pulp: One of my favorite breakfast beverages (besides a mimosa, of course.) I’ve always loved lots of pulp because it’s like eating an actual orange without having to go through the hassle of peeling it & getting it stuck under your nails.

2. Michigan Dried Cherries: My alternative to all those unhealthy kinds of fruit snacks like gushers, fruit by the foot, or the cartoon character ones that always have a few random creamy looking pieces that never taste good.

3. Schar Crispbread: Out of all the gluten-free crackers I’ve tried, these are my personal favorite. They’re light, crispy, & delicious. They pair nicely with a slice of cheese, or I’ll eat them plain as well.

4. Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss “Ice Cream”: Ok, so I know that me calling it “ice cream” might scare you, but this stuff is actually quite tasty if I do say so myself. I mean yes, obviously Haagen-Dazs tastes better by the spoonful, but it never fails, by the end you feel guildty and about 10 lbs. heavier. I buy this by the pint at Whole Foods. It’s fair trade, organic, soy-free, gluten-free, & vegan. You must try my favorite flavor, cherry amaretto.

5. MorningStar Mushroom Lover’s Burger: I’ve tried lots of different types of veggie burgers, but this is still one of my favorites.

6. Amy’s Garden Vegetable Lasagna: Out of the many vegetarian & gluten-free products out there, this is still one of my favorite. It’s satisfying, cheesy, delicious, & quick to make if you’re running short on time. Amy’s also makes amazing rice mac-n-cheese!

7. Larabar: I love how Larabar makes so many yummy flavors like carrot cake, apple pie, chocolate chip cookie dough, ginger snap & lots more. I usually keep a few in my backpack so I won’t be tempted to buy from the vending machines at school. These bars are great for holding you over, & they’re gluten-free as well! My favorite is the cherry pie.

8. Marinated Bean Salad: I usually pick up a pound or two from Holiday Market. I couldn’t find a link to the actual recipe, but this one looks very similar. I always like to find at least one quick meal option that isn’t frozen. To sweeten things up a bit, I typically add in about a cup of pineapple chunks.

9. Trader Joe’s Jalapeno Cheese Crunchies: These make a great gluten-free & healthier snack alternative to cheetos. They also have a non jalapeno type, but I really like them with a bit of a kick.

10. Almond Breeze: Prior to learning of my wheat intolerance, I originally thought it was some sort of dairy intolerance, so I stopped eating dairy for a while. While I was on the dairy-free kick, I discovered this milk alternative. I buy the original, (but not the unsweetened kind.)


  1. yuuuum! I've tried many of these things myself. A very appetizing grocery list you put together.