Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Sunday Morning Read

backyard view
tiffany blue tea kettle
a light breakfast + kinfolk

I can't help but love waking up to a quiet Sunday morning while savoring the solitude of the early hours that most (unfortunately) sleep through. After opening the curtains to expose the morning sky, I patiently wait for the water on the stove to boil. Shuffling through my ipod for some good morning tunes I stop at Camera Obscura today. Once the water is ready, I pour myself a steaming cup of black ginger peach tea with a bit of sugar and splash of milk from the small silver creamer I found at Tuesday Mornings yesterday. After settling into my seat, I begin to flip through this little gem of a magazine I recently came across entitled Kinfolk: A Guide For Small Gatherings.

The simple aesthetic of the thoughtfully composted editorial gives the magazine an intimate and personable feel. I'd highly recommend it to those who enjoy savoring the small details that many people thoughtlessly overlook when welcoming friends and family into their home. 

I can recall several times when I've gone to a friends or acquaintances place and wondered if they had even looked around prior to having people over, and by "having people over" I don't mean just letting a friend crash at your place after a drunken night or something along those lines, I mean more along the lines of a holiday gathering or inviting friends over for movie/game night, etc. I sometimes wonder if it's just me. I feel that many people don't place enough value on life's simple pleasures these days, and I don't think that I hold too high of expectations either.

I've been giving my new home lots of cozy touches since I'd like for guests to feel at ease when they enter our home, and to be able to concentrate on something other than a cluttered mess or a sink of dirty dishes. However, my personal style isn overly stuffy or too contrived either. I have always gone for more of an artsy, eclectic and vintage feel. I love pops of bright color, tastefully done mismatch tableware and pretty imperfections. 
gold stemmed wine glasses

mismatched anthro bowls

curtains tied back with ribbon

colorful glass water jugs

mismatch cutlery from urban

colorful paper napkins

a guest basket filled with things someone staying over may need

a turquoise towel / an orange washcloth / toothbrushes / lavender lotion / kleenex / makeup remover / disposable razors / small soap, shampoo, conditioner, & face wash sample bottles from Origins.

I know I'd be pleasantly surprised if I saw that someone had put thought into my coming over. Prior to making the guest basket — actually this is what inspired me to put one together — my friend Stephanie stayed over a few nights ago and woke up to this:

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  1. I put music on in the morning to while I make breakfast for everyone. I really like your tea kettle!

    - Sarah