Sunday, June 17, 2012

Simply Breakfast

Jen Causey is the food stylist and photographer behind the well known blog, simplybreakfast. Her ability to style with such eclectic precision amazes me, and she has a knack for making breakfast look simple, quaint and tasty without being overly contrivedthe way it should be.

visit her official:

(All photos were taken from Causeys blog, simplybreakfast.)

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  1. At work, I'm hosting 25 Latina entrepreneurs at Thunderbird School of Global Management for 2 weeks, for business training. One of them owns a jam/honey company in Chile. She gave me mango jam the other after my run yesterday, I made some wheat toast, spread almond butter and mango jam on top....and about died. Amazing!!!! I love breakfast. :) Thank you for sharing these photos. Beautiful!