Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Housewarming Gift

I recently took a day trip to visit my friends Athena and Carl at their new home in Indiana. They moved there for grad school a few weeks ago and are still getting settled in. Prior to my arrival, I had planned on making them a real home cooked dinner since I love to cook and they're not too into that sort of thingyet. 

After realizing that they barely had enough food let alone utensils to cook a proper meal, we headed to a nearby grocery store to pick up a few essentials. In all honestly I may be a little overly picky about what I use in my cooking; it just kills me to use standard table salt as opposed to sea salt. Regardless, I found the items needed to prepare the meal I had planneda gnocchi dish with mushrooms and a gorgonzola sauce, which they absolutely love. I made a mental note of a few things they could use around the kitchen while I was cooking and ended up buying them a spoon rest since I dirtied up their stove so much. 

It's a start.

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