Sunday, October 28, 2012

Around Detroit // Great Lakes Coffee

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Finding a cozy spot to enjoy a shared cup of coffee and study session isn't necessarily an easy task. Some of the main characteristics I look for in a coffee shop is that it has a good level of energy, laid back environment and learning their approach to coffee roasting and the elements used. In order to become a loyal guest, I tend to ask myself some of the following questions: 

-Are they promoting their community and purchasing goods from local vendors? 
-Do they look out for the environment by encouraging ceramic "for-here" cups, as opposed to the paper to-go ones? 
-Are the tables big enough to be able to spread out school books, laptops, coursework, etc.?
-Do their clientele seem to have the same sort of concerns and value the same sort of purist conventions?
-Do they offer season food choices that are wholesome and from locally sourced farmers and artisanal shops? 

With that being said, I finally found my new coffee shop home at the corner of Woodward Ave. and Alexandrine — Great Lakes' Coffee Roasting Co. completely won me over, first visit. They're actually a coffee shop/bar hybrid and keep their bar stocked with carefully selected beers, spirits and natural wines from small producers, most of which use an organic and biodynamic farming approach. If you find yourself near the Detroit area I suggest their Guatemalan brew, or the Chilly Mexican with a kick of cayenne if you prefer an iced beverage.

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