Saturday, April 13, 2013

Feast & Philos / Offerings

Through artisanal food and conversation we connect Detroiters to the resources of Eastern Market. Artists, educators, farmers and merchants share insights into their work with emerging citizens. We used locally sourced ingredients and offer our guests the opportunity to engage creatively in community.

Originally assigned as a community based project to WSU students Tom Culver and Renee Sandoval, it was their passion for wholesome food, community engagement and grassroots activism that drove them to go beyond classroom expectations and bring something unique to Detroit's historic Eastern Market. 

Feast & Philos was built upon the foundations of their integral counterparts, Market Studio Kitchen / Salt & Cedar. Throughout their time spent working alongside artists and educators Leon Johnson and Megan O'Connell, Tom and Renee's views on community engagement as a fundamental principle evolved significantly, leading to the development of F&P.

Our intentions are to help rebuild Detroit one brunch at a time through connecting, but not limited to, "Detroiters, art enthusiasts and passionate foodies". We offer a unique and intimate setting while providing a warm community feel. Each participant will indulge in a thoughtfully crafted artisanal brunch while given the opportunity to engage in an open conversation led by select Detroit based speakers.

f i n d  u s 

r e s e r v a t i o n s

i n q u i r i e s

"Letterpress studio producing custom printed matter,
bookbinding, workshops, exhibitions and farm-to-table events."
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"Our mission is to restore grace and health to the tables of Detroit 
by connecting communities to food, art and culture through education." 
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"We welcome Detroiters, art enthusiasts,
and passionate foodies to rebuild Detroit on brunch at a time."
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