Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Past Trip // Chicago 2013

This past March a few photography classmates and I ventured off to the SPE National Conference in Chicago. After the conference came to an end, the four of us had the honor of getting together with artists Kenneth Josephson and Marilyn Zimmerwoman for a homemade Moroccan brunch at Ken's place in Chicago. Shown above were some of my favorite shots from the trip: a few from the Art Institute of Chicago, brunch at Kens, and the last two were taken outside of the hotel I was staying at.

Once I got home from the trip I created a SPE pinboard so that I could easily reference back to some of the photographers whose work caught my eye. All in all it was a memorable trip, and I would highly recommend the conference to anyone with a passion for photography!

a few link suggestions:

+ for great food and a cozy spot, Farmhouse was on point (the cheese curds especially!).
+ check out this  artist statement by photographer / designer, Micah Wallace.
+ Intelligentsia Coffee was a great little coffee shop I came across while solo-exploring.
+ revisit a past post on Kenneth Josephson, one of the original founders of SPE.

A few more pictures of my classmates (Noura, Jessica, Tom) and I. 

Below were the professional photographs taken at the SPE National Dance Party!

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