Monday, October 1, 2012

Rouse The Senses

This past weekend I hosted an intimate gathering of some of my closest friends. Although the premiss of this dinner was a class project, it turned out to be more of an excuse to delight in an evening filled with locally grown homemade food, good company and an endless amount of shared stories and laugher. The dinner preparations were a bit hectic due to my car breaking down, and me cutting my finger with the new mandolin I purchased earlier that day, but all of this only resulted in everyone pitching in to help out, making the whole process a successful and collaborative effort.

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My intention was to get everyone to slow down and pay close attention to their senses. It is through our senses that we are able to have these inward experiences, allowing us to taste the tartness of the freshly picked rhubarb, the pugnant and aromatic smell of a freshly chopped onion and the way it makes your eyes water, the sound of a favorite songs rhythmic melody that causes you to unknowingly tap your foot in accordance, the soft touch a freshly laundered linen napkin, and to see your friends faces light up after their first bite. Not only was the dinner about the senses, but also the quality of those you surround yourself with, and the connections you make with each unique character. Although not everyone invited was able to make it, the small amount of people present made the experience that much more intimate. 

Sadly it's these small details that are ingrained in of our everyday life that tend to go unnoticed. I've always been the type of person to appreciate these subtle qualities, but I do have to extend a thank you to the contributing artists of Kinfolk Magazine. Reading through the editorials comforting and honest essays has brought out an appreciation for my more natural tendencies, making me feel a bit more grounded and connected with the less materialistic qualities of this great world we're all apart of.

dinner preparations 

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  1. Oh man! If this is what class projects are about, I want to be a part of it! These look amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog :)