Monday, July 11, 2011

A Chill Summer Playlist

I finally put together a summer mixtape! It's more of a chill compilation consisting of a variety of indie folk /  indie rock artists. I uploaded the mix to my mediafire for sharing, so feel free to download the mix for  yourself if you'd like.

Download My Summer Mix
(change the hxxp --> http)

1. Andrew Bird- Armchairs
2. Arcade Fire- Half Light
3. Band Of Horses- Evening Kitchen
4. Beach House- Saltwater
5. Coconut Record- Summer Day
6. Coldplay/Sufjan Stevens- Clocks/Chicago [really good mashup]
7. Cross Record- In A Volcano
8. Cross Record- Loyal Dog
9. Culture Reject- Inside The Cinema
10. Freelance Whales- Generator First Floor
11. Iron & Wine- Such Great Heights
12. jj- Still
13. Lykke Li- Time Flies
14. Neutral Milk Hotel- Naomi
15. Neutral Milk Hotel- Three Peaches
16. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Porcelain
17. Regina Spektor- Just Like The Movies
18. Regina Spektor- Summer In The City
19. Seapony- Dreaming
20. Sigur Ros- Olsen Olsen
21. Sufjan Stevens- Say Yes! To Michigan
22. Sufjan Stevens- All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands

Also, I'd be happy to take requests for specific songs if you don't want the whole thing.


  1. thanks for the download, love the mix!