Friday, July 8, 2011

Notable Photographer // Jamie Beck

Jamie is a New York based photographer. She has the ability to capture some of the most stunning photographs I've seen, and you can tell from the photographs above that she's just as stunning.

Beck's photographs are very feminine overall, and have a rare eloquence that sets them apart from other photographers works. She also creates cinemagraphs (gifs) that incorporate the same graceful allure. On her tumblr, fromme-toyou, it's noted that she collects vintage cameras, old typewriters and still uses film on occasion! I'd recommend her blog to any aspiring photographer, as she has inspired me in many ways. It's not everyday you come across such gorgeous photographs + blog entries such as Jamie's.

Below are a some of my favorite photographs of hers.

Jamie, thank you for showing us a glimse of the world through your eyes.

All photo credit @ Jamie Beck.

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