Thursday, July 7, 2011

Top 5 // Summer Scents

My 5 fave (in no particular order)

1. Grapefruit: Now discontinued, but worth the hunt to find it! This perfume has a very fresh and somewhat light grapefruit scent. It's crisp, clean, and layers well with other summery scents (I like mixing it with the burberry summer perfume since that one is so light.)

2. The charmer: Warm and rich, this floral fragrance is as lovely as black raspberry and lemon wheels float atop a coconut and vanilla cocktail. There is a very flirty essence tothe charmer, and is perfect for a whimsical summer date night.

3. Paris: Luminous and sophisticated, this perfume has the nostalgia of a classic, with a modern twist, like any traditional haute perfumery. The fresh and floral scent blends together with the harmony of pure woods.

4. Light blue: I know, I know, everyone's got is, but for a good reason! This perfume has very fruity top notes blended with just the right amount of floral notes and a dash of musk. It's scent is not too over powering, but doesn't fade as soon as you step out to where ever you're going either. A nice everyday kinda perfume.

5. Summer: This perfume is very clean and light, and has notes of green apple, white musk, citrus, freesia, and rose wood. It's such a lovely and lemony scent, but the only draw back is that it fades rather quick, I'd recommend layering it with another perfume.

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