Thursday, August 18, 2011

Notable Photographer // Rafa Castells

I first noticed Rafa Castells photography on the blog Too Much Chocolate, ran by Jake Stangel. The blog mostly features up-and-coming, fine art and avant-garde photographers. Upon reading the individual interviews, you're able to get a sense of each photographers lifestyle, and what drives their passion for the work they produce.

What stood out to me in Castells photographs was his ability to shoot raw, simple, everyday subject matters, and how he highlights the beauty in a less than interesting scene or backdrop. I find his photographs to be more of a documentation of his life. By not only keeping, but highlighting imperfections, his work can be quite intimate as well. You're able get a strong sense of who Castells is through his photographs if you pay close attention to the subtle details he incorporates.

One of Castells main subject matters is that of his girlfriend Alba, whose unique features adds a sense of depth and emotion to the images he captures, and the look in her eyes he freezes in time. Together, Rafa and Alba seem to have a rare sort of relationship that evokes a profoundly tender and cherished  connection through his photographs.

More of Alba:

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