Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Few Simple Thoughts

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At times I have to reminding myself that this blog was created to be a sort of escape from the more melancholy aspects of life. However, I do want it to be real, too. To reflect bits of myself through this. I suppose it's tough to cut out the sadness all together.

A few more thoughts..
I find it fascinating how someone whose only made a small appearance in our life can make such an impact on us. How a person such as this can change or sharpen or stretch you in ways you never thought possible. This could be a person whom we have never met in real life, too. And they can have just as much as an impact as those who surround us on a daily basis.

I think we're all guilty of taking certain menial things and holding on to them so dearly. Maybe at an attempt to not let anything slip past us, to avoid mistakes, to protect us, but I think certain things or people are meant to slip through the cracks and stir us up a bit. It's possible that their sole purpose was to leave an imprint of themselves that's necessary for our own sake, perhaps to better ourself in some way. These sorts of unnoticed acts of kindness happen everyday, and we will recognized them if only we pay close attention to the smaller, seemingly insignificant aspects of life. Quite a few people who I've just briefly met have made a more substantial impact on me than they will probably ever know. It make's me wonder if I've ever made some sort of positive imprint on someone else's life, too. I hope so.

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