Saturday, September 10, 2011

Film Stills and Quotes

Once in a while I'll come across a film still with a quote underneath that I either really like or can connect with. It's almost like reading a book and realizing that your not the only person in the world with the same sorts of thoughts, feelings or situations. Situations that you had otherwise felt very alone in. 

Maybe this comes off as more of a melancholic post, but I see it as being very real. There are quite a few more under the cut, in case you're interested.

(top photo source)


  1. I love these film stills, they are so cute! x

  2. Why thank you, Zoe! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and thought they were cute. I hope you were able to find a few that meant something to you, as they do for me. Thanks again for stopping by my blog :) cheers! xx.

  3. Thank you, Carolynn. I enjoy them quite a bit myself :)