Friday, October 28, 2011

How Pinteresting

I finally created a pinterest and think it's such a nicely designed site. It's a simple way to keep your visual interests categorized and there are so many boards to get inspiration from. If you're enjoy this blog, try checking out my newest pin boards.


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  2. Oops! I made a mistake last comment, sorry!

    My favorite part about Pinterest is that I can be selective about which boards I follow and the images I pin, without hurting anyone's feelings. There tends to be so much "noise" when I'm searching images on Google, browsing Pinterest is such a breath of fresh air from that.

  3. I agree Stacy! That is a great feature, because with tumblr it's so difficult to keep up with the dashboard if you're following a lot of people, so having the categories is great for keeping specific things out while enjoying your favorites :)

  4. i just joined and i am obsessed! although last night the sit was having some problems with newly-created boards, im definitely switching from tumblr to pinterest!

    i'm at i'll try to find you!


  5. Ah yes! I was rather annoyed about that as well, but the site is still relatively new so I suppose they're still working out the kinks. Thanks for sharing Alyssa, I'll definitely check yours out :). xx

  6. mine is