Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

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I got stuck working Saturday night and didn't think I'd have time to go out to any halloween parties that I was invited to, but work was slow and I ended up getting out at a decent time. Though I didn't have a costume planned, nor did I have time to buy anything which forced me to throw together what ever I had. I ended up going as a porcelain doll, in part due to my paleness, lol. I found a pink dress, a pair of white lace tights and heels with oversized bows on them (which, unfortunately, you can't even see). I painted on bright pink cheeks and curled my hair in 10 minuets flat. I was surprised it turned out halfway decent.

I hope everyone has a good night trick-or-treating, passing out candy or watching scary movies and vegging out. After meeting up nephew for a bit, I'm off to a communal event in my neighborhood park for cider and donuts with Athena. Stay safe. 

a few fun links:
-scare your friends with takethislollipop. 
-kids vs. adults halloween festivities.
-whiskey milkshakes make a delicious treat if you're staying in


  1. hi, so i was kinda stalking you and um. i was looking at your tumblr and i really want to follow it (and i will when i'm signed into the next time... i'm signed out so that i will not be distracted by it :P). and i wanted to message you but your ask box doesnt work and ... asldjkljfgl basically i think you're really super cool and we should be friends.

    ok. end of creepy message :P bye!!!! <3
    (you can reply here, i'll come stalk you back another time. or you can activate your ask box and i'll drop you message there sometime within the next week... i really want to avoid tumblr for a while till then!!) :P

  2. Hi! Well thank you very much for your kind words, you're very sweet and I'm happy that you appreciate the things I post! I did fix my tumblr "ask" button, sorry about that- I hadn't realized it wasn't working! I'm quite flattered with what you wrote & I do hope you have a great rest of the day :)

  3. cute cute cute! :) I'm glad you had a great halloween! :) xx

  4. Thanks Charlotte! I hope you had a lovely Halloween yourself :]