Monday, November 7, 2011

Street Style: Paris, France

In light of my upcoming trip to France and Spaine, I thought I'd post some European fashion inspiration and photography from Scott Schuman's, The Sartorialist. I've read that the woman dress in a more feminine way, which I find very endearing. 

a few more links:
-rue montorgueil is filled with bakeries, cheese shops, and lots more.
-a quite little breakfast spot in Paris, Merci.


  1. Sartorialist is a good reference point, but he's also capturing the most fashionable of them all! French women dress very classic and simple, not trendy. They wear well made, tailored (i.e. feminine) pieces that FIT them! Not too tight, not too loose. I always admired how they layered too!! I'm envious of your trip -- so wonderful! And yes... I think buying things there is fun, but also much more $$! :)

  2. Thanks for the insight, Amy! I've got a closet full of classic and simple pieces, so that makes me feel a bit more at ease. It's nice buying a few new things for trips, but I rather save money for extra spending money :)