Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Grape Fruit Recipes

recipe worth checking out

and a few more ideas:
-a grapefruit margarita, I would replace salt for the sugar rim though.

-this grapefruit creme brulee dessert sounds wonderful.

-make your own grapefruit soda.
-a grapefruit + avocado + mint salad makes a simple + sweet salad.
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  1. Oh my grapefruit heavens!!! That tartlet looks absolutely amazing...I love the taste of grapefruit!

  2. these are look so tasty! I may have to try some =)

    - Sarah

  3. Grapefruits are one of my favourite fruits and this is now starting to make my mouth water! The grapefruit + avocado + mint salad is definitely going on my must make list!

  4. I'm happy you ladies enjoy my post! I can't wait till spring/summer hits so I can pour my friends & I a glass of that Pink Gin Fizz :). @Amielle- Doesn't that salad just sound amazing! I thought so, too. xx.