Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Loving Mixtape

I put together a small valentine mix together for you and your loved one to listen to while prepare a homemade dinner. The following are a few recipe ideas I recently came across: a clam linguine , a roasted cauliflower sage and almond risotto, and for dessert these dark chocolate strawberry cups look  utterly delicious. Enjoy!

Track listing:

thieves | she & him
by your side | cocorosie
there is a light that never goes out | the smiths
i want to sing | regina spektor
you and i | wilco
cupids chokehold | gym class heros
you will be loved | death cab for cutie
merry happy | kate nash
little bit | lykke li
can't stand it | nevershoutnever
sea of love | cat power
anyone else but you | michael cera & ellen page
toothpaste kisses | the macabees
popular mechanics for lovers | beulah
if i ever leave this world alive | flogging molly
the reasons | the weakerthans
us | regina spektor
love will come through | travis
i really do | seapony


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  1. That clam and linguine looks absolutely delicious. (I even have clams in my house right now...I think I know what I'm having for supper!)

    Thank you for the mix as well. I've got a lot of these in my iTunes already and can't wait to hear the rest! Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the mix! Hope you had a lovely v-day :)