Sunday, November 25, 2012

FOOD, 127 Prince

As many foodies as there are now a days, and restaurants that serve up farm and market fresh seasonal dishes, it wasn't always that way. FOOD, a Soho restaurant ran by struggling artists including Gordon Matta-Clark, opened in the early 1970's at 127 Prince and is now nothing more than a distant memory. Although FOOD's menu resembled many found in the same area today, an eaterie of its kind back then was almost unheard ofthat is, a place serving up locally grown, organic and forged seasonal dishes, etc. 

Although the seemingly mundane tasks and prep work that take place in a kitchen may not strike you as something worthy of documentation, it's neat to see how things of this sort went down decades ago. I personally find the lack of editing photos and video to be much more intriguing and refreshing. 

learn more about FOOD: 
-watch the 40 min. documentary
-read the soho memory project

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