Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dusty Dresses, Dolls & Afternoon Girls

This past Saturday evening, I was lucky enough to briefly meet Miranda Clark while attending an event at Salt and Cedar in Detroit. Miranda is a photographer who holds a masters of fine arts in new media and currently teaches at the University level in Detroit, MI. In addition to her photography, she and Marcy Chevali make up the collective they refer to as, afternoon girls.

As a photography student myself, I'm alway interested in learning about new photographers and their unique approach to capturing perceptions of their own realities. The above were a handful of my favorites. 

love is love.


  1. I have many of Miranda's photos hanging in my house. I love them, you never get tired of looking at them. I am an interior designer and also Miranda's mother. I love to decorate a room around one of her photos.
    Annie O'Connor Clark

    1. That's so sweet of you, Annie! It's great that you not only support, but praise your daughters work and even decorate around them. I actually presented and analyzed one of her pieces in my photography class today for an assignment called Show & Tell. We each chose a single photograph and discussed the external and internal context; the connoted and denoted meaning, and any further interpretations. I loved it because the piece I chose was very different from what the majority of the class chose to present - much more playful and whimsical, but still very thoughtfully executed.
      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by my blog!