Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photo Series Inspiration

I'm working on a new photography series that aims to connote sadness, despair and abandonment in objects, living and otherwise, whose sole purpose for existence is [assumed] to bring us happiness, pleasure and solace. I've been collecting found images for inspiration so that I can provide my model with a more comprehensive idea as to what my intended aesthetic is. By no means do I plan to replicate any of these images or poses. 

[Edited, Nov. 30] My purpose is to examine the surfaces, textures, patterns, lighting, interior space, emotions, textiles, and so fourth. While exploring the perception of what we see in juxtaposition to the reality of what lies beneath the surface value, I will allude to the evocative contradictions that we have been conditioned to disregard and, more often than not, refer to as a cultural taboo.

Some artists who've provided inspiration for the series were Gusav KlimtKT SmailSteven MeiselBruno DayanYann WeberMiranda ClarkLaura MaskbreskuSally MannTatiana LeshkinaAudrey KawasakiKelly RobynElla Wood and many, many more.

(i take no credit for the above images)

Below are the two images I recently took that established conceptualization for the series:

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