Monday, December 10, 2012

Final Exhibition at MoCAD

The exhibition of my HomeCommons & Collective

Since my projects were all centered around food, I served homemade French onion soup (topped with muenster and all!). I set up a coal grill outside as Part 2 of my communal bread toasting event, originally held on Noel Night, December 1st.

Detroit Methods began setting up installations this past Saturday and held the event Sunday from 11am-5pm. We had prepared for this final event so heavily throughout the past month. I couldn't believe how quickly the exhibition came and past. With the exception of the middle section entitled 'Final Exhibition', the above images were taken by me.

When I first found out that my class was to publicly exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit it seemed to be this very illusive concept to me, and very intimidating. This was a real credible museum that has showcased many prestigious locally, nationally and internationally acclaimed artists in the past. All-in-all the event was very well received and the staff at MoCAD was impressed with the end results. All of the hard work we poured into our projects that addressed different issues currently facing the city of Detroit paid off during this final exhibition.

Upon arrival of the exhibition, the text below was presented to the public:

At Home, in the Commons

A collective map of the city is taped out on the floor serving as a stage for the presentation of student projects with responses and contributions by visitors. The everyday spaces of private domesticity and public urbanity are reconsidered with activities such as communal street bread baking, vacant building film projections, bedroom spirit conjuring, backyard feral cat accommodating, community garden water harvesting, urban meadow mowing, people shepherding, public gardening dialoging, mass transit monitoring and various forms of story telling.

The projects were developed during a Wayne State studio lead by visiting artist Fritz Haeg and WSU art faculty member Eric Troffkin - exploring the particularly innovative ways in which some contemporary artists are working in Detroit today, while developing student projects with similar strategies and approaches. Student projects by Leah DiPace, Julie Howells, Bianca Ibarlucea, Rebecca Love, Joseph Culver, Daniel Presley, William Sabbagh, Renee Sandoval and Jessica Wildman react to real issues the city is facing, involving food, transit, lighting, communications, parks and public spaces.

Type a story of your own experience at home or in the commons of Detroit, 
attach it to a brick, and locate it on the map.

A few extras:
-A few mentioned that they enjoyed the playlist I created for our MoCAD event and asked about some of the artists - I created a shortened version on 8tracks.
-To read more in depth about our individual projects, visit our class blog at

I N S T A L L A T I O N   P R E P A R A T I O N S

F I N A L   E X H I B I T I O N
@ M O C A D

Furthermore, Bianca has plans to go through with a second lantern launch to revitalize Chinatown in the near future, and I'd like to collaborate with another bread toasting since it was such a hit. I'll definitely post something on here before it happens, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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