Monday, December 10, 2012

Creating The Slipcover

Now that the semester is almost over, I finally have time to post about what I've been up to the past couple of weeks. In my Detroit Methods class we've all been quite busy preparing for our final event that took place at MoCAD on Sunday, December 9th. In addition, we've been keeping documentation of all of our projects and events throughout the past few months and decided to put a class book together, which is still currently in the works.

Last week the "graphics team" of the class — Julie, Bianca and I — got together with Megan O'Connell of Salt and Cedar Letterpress to design and create the slip cover for the book. Prior to heading over, we picked up a couple of baguettes, brie, mascarpone, honey and a bottle of Chilean wine to sustain ourselves, which worked out well since we were there from noon till about 10pm.

The first set of type we chose was smaller than we had in mind, but all of the larger typefaces were a bit too wide for the width of the book. Thankfully, a day before we got together, Megan and her partner Leon received a call about an old abandon letterpress in Detroit that was about to be demolished and were lucky enough to get their hands on the boxes and boxes full of block type and letterpress machinery. Julie, Bianca and I helped clean up and polish some of the wooden type that fit the width of the book cover perfectly and were beyond thrilled with the end result.

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